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“How did the Political Forces Use the Online Platforms During the Campaign?”
“Citizen-Observer” Submitted 50 Complaints to the CEC about the Election Violations
Human Rights Defenders: The Aim of Lawsuit of Principals of Schools against Daniel Ioannisyan is to Intimidate
Discussion: “Georgian Foreign Minister's visit to Yerevan: Observations on the Armenian-Georgian Relations”
Experts: The Opposition Has No Chance to Win in the Yerevan Council Elections
“Discussion: The Armenians Voted “with Belly and not Heart” during the Parliamentary Elections”
“Summing up the Electoral Process: What to Anticipate from the Newly-Formed Parliament?”
“Monitoring Results: The Coverage of Parliamentary Elections by Broadcasting Mass Media in 2017 (March 5-31)”
“The Assessment of the Civil Society and Observers on the Parliamentary Elections of April 2”
“The Well-Known Diaspora Armenians Urge the Citizens to Participate in the Elections”
Rustamyan: “There are No Ownerless Voices Left in Armenia”
“Pre-Election Campaign: What Solutions do the Political Forces Propose for the Problems of Lori Marz?”
“The 2016 April War, One Year Later: Assessing the Outcomes of Karabakh Negotiation Process”
“The Challenges and Problems of Responsive and Transparent Management of Mining Industry”
“Press Conference - Interview with Armen Ashotyan”
The Press Conference of “Citizen Observer” Initiative
“Education Issues in the Pre-Election Programs”
Assessments and Observations about the Campaign
“Economic Issues in the Pre - Election Programs: New Solutions or Old Approaches?”
“What Changes do the Political Forces Propose in Syunik Region?”
“NA Monitoring”: Presentation of Final Report about the 5 Years Activity of the Parliament
“Environmental Issues and Proposed Solutions in the Pre-Election Programs of the Political Forces”: Discussion
“Foreign Policy in the Pre-Election Programs: New Vision or Old Approaches?” Discussion
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