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“The Judicial Affairs of Naira Smbatyan, Victim of Domestic Violence: Assessment of Human Rights Defenders”
“Unsolved Problems or Reforms in Gyumri? Assessing the work of Local Self-Government bodies”
Opening of Swiss Artist Therese Weber’s Solo Exhibition in Yerevan
“Threats against Arthur Sakunts: The Reaction of Law Enforcement Bodies”
“Violations of Human Rights in Armenia July 17-30, 2016”
“Why does the International Crisis Group Forecast a War Threat in Nagorno Karabakh Conflict Zone?”
“Optimization Process of Schools: Reform or Alarming Risks?”
“Fight against Smoking in Armenia: Disturbing Picture or Effective Strategy?”
“The Issue of Publishing the Personal Data of Voters: Legislative Regulations and Necessary Measures”
“Assessments on the Removal of Posters about LGBT People in Yerevan”
“Dispute over Chamber of Advocates: Is There a Need to Create a New Union of Advocates?”
“The Issue of Publishing the Personal Data of Voters: Legislative Regulations and Necessary Measures”
“Iran after the Presidential Elections: Impact on the Armenian-Iranian Relations and the Region”
“The Armenian Businessmen Work in Shadow because it is Profitable: Experts”
“Concerns about the Closure of the NA Standing Committee on Human Rights”
“Violations of LGBTI People’s Rights in Armenia”
“Observations and Assessments on Yerevan Council of Elders Elections”
“Assessment of Observers on Elections of Yerevan Council of Elders”
“Fight against Election Bribes or Encouragement?”
“The Causes and Consequences of the Closure of OSCE Yerevan Office”
From EU-Armenia Relations to Scandalous Revelations and the Closure of the OSCE Office: Press Conference of EU Ambassador
“The Agricultural Problems and the State Activities in Gegharkunik Region”
“How will “Nation –Army” Concept Contribute to Increasing the Combat Readiness of the Armed Forces?”
“Azerbaijan-Turkey Joint Military Exercises and Their Impact on the Region”
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