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Membership Application

Media Club

Are you a member of a non-governmental organization, a journalist, a writer, a correspondent, a filmmaker, or perhaps you teach journalism? Maybe you’re a public relations specialist or a media expert.

Join us and become a member of the Media Club!

Membership Benefits

  • Organize events free of charge at the Media Center, only if they align with the MC’s mission and principles.
  • Engage in meetings arranged with diplomats.
  • Receive priority notifications about MC events and access post-event videos on our website.
  • Receive announcements, press releases, and infographics.
  • Participate in movie screenings and discussions held at the MC.
  • Attend events organized by MC outside of Yerevan.
  • Organize interviews with diplomats, experts, and others, with support from the MC.
  • Use MC resources during working hours, including workspace, internet, and computers.
  • Membership is free of charge.

Who Can Join

  • Representatives of non-governmental organizations, reporters, editors, writers, publishers, photojournalists, cameramen directors, editors, IT professionals, and other specialists working in the mass media, as well as professors, deans of journalism faculties, and media experts.
  • Current and former press secretaries, public relations officers employed by international or local organizations/government bodies.
  • Public relations and communications professionals who regularly interact with the media.
  • Authors of books and films, editors, and publishers.
  • Students enrolled in journalism faculties or working part-time in the media.
  • Correspondents from foreign mass media outlets operating in Armenia.

    The Media Club member supports freedom of expression and the values outlined in the goals of the Media Club.