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You are a member of an NGO, reporter, writer, correspondent, film director or author, journalism professor?

Or, maybe, you are a public relations or media expert…?

Join the Media Club, become a member!

The benefits of the Media Club membership:

 You can

  • Arrange events at the Media Center (MC) free of charge if they do not contradict the MC mission and principles;

Participate in meetings with diplomats;

Be the first to be notified on upcoming MC events and videos posted on our website;

Be the first to receive all post-event materials – press releases, statements and infographics.

Take part in film-watching and discussions held at MC;

Use means of transportation provided by MC to cover events held outside Yerevan;

Hold interviews at MC with diplomats, experts and others with MC’s assistance;

During work hours use the MC resources – workroom, internet, computer;

No membership fees applicable.

Membership eligibility:

  • NGO representatives, reporters, correspondents, writers, publishers, photo-reporters, cameramen, film directors, editors-in-chief, programmers, and other professionals working in mass media, journalism professors, deans, media experts;
  • Current or former press secretaries, spokesmen, public relations officers at international or local organizations/state bodies.
  • Public relations and communications experts who periodically work with media representatives;
  • Book and film authors, script-writers, editors, publishers;
  • Journalism students or part-time reporters or journalism interns;  
  • Correspondents of foreign mass media working in Armenia.

MC member agrees to defend freedom of speech and the values stated in MC Goals.

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