COVID-19 and the effectiveness of crisis communication of local self- government bodies
On September 14, at 15:00, the Media Center organized an online discussion, during which the results of the research on "COVID-19 and the effectiveness of crisis communication of local self-government bodies" were presented.
Speakers are:
- Seda Muradyan, President of the Public Journalism Club
- Harutyun Tsatryan, Media Researcher, Public Communication Specialist

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that burnt out in 2020, the governments of a number of developed countries have rapidly updated their crisis communication strategies. Developing countries are no exception, which have tried to adapt to the new conditions as much as possible.
And what has been done in Armenia to make communication with the public effective in a crisis situation?

Seda Muradyan, President of the Public Journalism Club, and Harutyun Tsatryan, a media researcher and public relations expert, studied the communication strategy implemented by community state structures in Armavir, Lori and Shirak marzes due to the crisis situation caused by the spread of coronavirus pandemic.
During the discussion, the speakers presented the results of the research and suggestions and recommendations based on them.
A discussion was held on the problems identified during the research, the experience of other studied countries were presented.

How to exclude inappropriate or untimely statements by various officials in a crisis situation? How to avoid the spread of contradictory statements by officials and regional authorities? These and other issues were addressed during the event.
The research was made possible thanks to the financial support of Open Society Foundations - Armenia within the framework of the "Policy Scholarships" initiative program.
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