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July 2, at 12:00, Media Center will host a press conference dedicated to Armenian improved publication of a book titled The Orphan City.   


Ruzanna Grigoryan Armenian improved edition editor

Vardan Azatyan, Hovhannisyan Institute president, Foreword author

It is the story of Aleksandrapol (presently Gyumri) orpahanges at Tsar military posts in 1919-1931. The City of Orphans is a unique vantage point to understand federational, soviet and American politics, their contradictions and changing shades.

American Armenian historian Nora Nersesyan’s work was published in English in 2016. The humanitarian research institute after Ashot Hovhannisyan took up Armenian translation, proofreading and publication work in 2017 given the value of the book both at international academic level and the local context.  

According to the author the book “is an attempt to pay tribute to a generation of kids who endured its “transition rituals” and decisiveness to experience them.

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