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June 26, 13:30, Media Center will host a discussion on Post Election Political Mosaics in Turkey: Prospects of Armenia-Turkey Relationships.


Ruben Melkonyan, Turkologist

Tevan Pohosyan, Director of International Center for Human Development

Arsen Kharatyan,  RA Prime Minister’s Foreign Relations Advisor

Diana Yayloyan,  Economic Policy Research Foundation (TEPAV) foreign policy researcher (from Turkey via Skype).

The list of speakers might be updated.

According to preliminary data of Sunday parliamentary elections in Turkey opposition Democratic-Republican “Good” and “Happiness” party alliance got 34,04% of votes, Kurdish democrats got 11,69% of votes. The opposition will make 45,73% of Meclis leaving behind the ruling “Justice and Development” party that got only 42,54 of votes (295 deputies out of 600 member parliament).
Turkish media notes that in such a situation the authorities will have to again make coalition with nationalistic “National movement” party that has  11,11% of votes or 48 mandates.

As to preliminary data of presidential elections Erdogan left everyone behind in 63 states out of 81 getting 52,58% of votes.

Two Armenian deputies will also be presented in the parliament, Garo Paykan and Margar Yesayan.

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