From EU-Armenia Relations to Scandalous Revelations and the Closure of the OSCE Office: Press Conference of EU Ambassador
May 8, 10:30

EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement is anticipated to be technically ready to be signed during the Eastern Partnership Summit in November this year.

Piotr Switalski, Ambassador, Head of European Union Delegation to Armenia, said this during the press conference at Media Center on May 8. 

The negotiations between Armenia and EU over the new framework agreement draft launched 3 years ago after Armenia refused to sign the Association Agreement negotiated for over 3.5 years as it joined the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Several months ago, Armenia and the European Union initialed Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement which will become a new legal basis for bilateral relations. In addition to the political part, it contains a fairly comprehensive economic component. 

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