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Our Mission

We are committed to ensuring civil society’s active and constant participation in discussions and debates over important political and social issues, developing a culture of debate, creating a platform that would unite media representatives, NGOs, civil society, state and international institutions, helping to shape and promote a culture of cooperation.  

Our Values


Touching upon urgent political, civil, social or economic issues we aim to ensure their comprehensive coverage as we believe that the truth is revealed at the junction of all possible opinions. 


By creating an informed and constructive environment we help to shape a culture of cooperation as we believe that cooperation and targeted use of united civil society potential is the key to finding productive solutions and overcoming the existing and emerging challenges.   


We keep pace with the development of new media and technologies, seeing innovation as one of the most efficient steps to greater outreach and availability and raising public awareness. 

Supervision/ Civil Society's and Media's Watchdog Role

It is our strong belief that media and civil society play a most important watchdog role overseeing political and social processes, impelling the authorities to work with higher accountability and transparency.

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