Priority Issues and Measures Taken to Improve Prison Education
November 13, 11:00

In penitentiary institutions in Armenia there are still a number of issues related to convicts’ education rights implementation. 

This was the note struck by Arshak Gasparyan, head of Social Justice NGO, Artur Sakunts, head of HCA Vanadzor office, Arpi Sargsyan, representative of RA ministry of justice anti-corruption and penitentiary policy department, Gohar Simonyan, coordinator at Human Rights Defender staff national prevention mechanism, and Gayane Hovakimyan, deputy director of Legal Education and Rehabilitation Projects Center, state, non-trade organization at November 13 Media Center public discussion on “Prison Education: Past, Present and Future.

The discussion was initiated by joint efforts of Public Journalism Club and D-V-V International Armenian office within the frames of “A Public Glimpse into a Closed World: Human rights situation in closed institutions in Armenia” project funded by the European Union and Open Society Foundations- Armenia as well as within the frames of “For Human Rights: Prison Education” project funded by the German foreign ministry. 

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