NGO Law Amendments in the NGO Objections Spotlight
November 8 Media Center discussion dealt with State Revenue Committee new bill which envisages full visibility of NGO financial reports.

The discussion was attended by Arman Mnatsakanyan, head of legal division of SRC, Heriknaz Tigranyan, legal adviser at Transparency International anti-corruption center, Artyom Mesropyan, lawyer at Armenian Lawyers’ Association NGO and Artur Sakunts, head of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor office.  

The State Revenue Committee has invited public discussion on over  the bill on amendments and supplements to the law on NGOs.  

According to Arman Mnatsakanyan adopting the bill will make it possible to avoid misreadings  during law implementation as well as NGO reports will be available to the public.

According to Artur Sakunts the bill must be recalled.  

Artyom Mesropyan noted that the bill jepordises to some extend the autonomy of NGOs.  

Heriknaz Tigranyan noted that there have not been public discussions over the bill, SRC has not consulted the NGOs to figure out the risks. Besides the current legislation clearly distinguishes that the reports must be provided in case of using public means. And the SRC does not elaborate the concept “public means”.

According to Artur Sakunts the bill is selective.

Mnatsakanyan made sure that one the bill is complete it will be put to a more targeted public discussion for corrections.    

For more please watch the video.

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