Bolton’s Visit Takes Aim to Check
October 29, Media Center hosted a discussion on “What will Bolton’s Visit to Caucasus Change in the World and in Armenia. The discussion was attended by Vardan Voskanyan, YSU chair person of Iranian studies and Suren Sargsyan, internationalist.

US national security adviser John Bolton’s visit to Russia and South Caucasus is interpreted as historical.  

In Armenia he made an important statement, namely: “We are going to squeeze Iran because we think their behavior in the Middle East and, really globally, is malign and needs to be changed.”

Vardan Voskanyan says that Iran’s policy in the region is rather that of a stabilizer.

“When it comes to Armenia-Iran border, I am sure there can’t be a mention about closing it as it is vital for both Armenia and Iran and the US knows that very well”, Voskanyan notes.

Bolton also noted that selling weapons to the conflicting parties on behalf of Russia does not help the regulation process as this way Russia holds leverages over the parties.   

“As I said to the prime minister, if it’s a question of buying Russian military equipment versus buying U.S. military equipment, we’d prefer the latter. We think our equipment is better than the Russians’ anyway.”

Suren Sargsyan says the American Senate shouls first abolish the banning resolution to sell weapons. According to him the possibility that Armenia and Azerbaijan will buy weapons from the US in the near future is not high.  

“If as a result of December snap elections Pashinyan’s party gets mandates that will be a good chance to take decisive actions towards Nagorno Karabakh issue regulation”, Sargsyan added.

For more please watch the video. 

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