NA Snap Elections: Possible Developments and Public Expectations
On October 18 Media Center initiated online live debate in A1+ pavilion on NA Snap Elections: Possible Developments and Public Expectations .

The speakers were Ara PapianRA ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, head of Modus Vivendi analytical center, Hranush Kharatyan, ethnographer, Artur Sakunts, head of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor office, Hovhannes Igityan, international expert and Stepan Safaryan, president of the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs.

 Ara Papian thinks it is necessary to understand how agreements were achieved between Nikol Pashinyan and other political forces.

“No political force assumes obligations without getting something against it. As to possible interference by foreign forces we see that they don’t allow interests. First because they don’t have leverages inside the country, second they are trying to push it the other way around, that is to say by formally keeping the form but changing the nature”, Papian says.

Hovhannes Igityan doesn’t see a risk of breaking the promise regarding not nominating a candidate within the coming 2 weeks.

“They understand the risk if they nominate someone. We are going to elect the head of state. Is there any political force in Armenia that can nominate an alternative or opposition candidate, I don’t see such one. We are solving one problem – to elect Nikol Pashinyan and we are going to legitimize it.”

Hranush Kharatyan however sees some risks regarding the agreement with political forces.

“Most probably there may be no vote regarding some promise agreements. I see risks of creating crisis and eliminating the legitimacy of the process. I doubt about pushing a candidate but I see a risk of taking provocative actions and creating problems in the process”, Kharatyan says.

Stepan Safaryan says that the October 2 rally in front of the NA was a good lesson for the leaving party.

“I had a chance to see the pressure after besieging the NA building. They realize that the slightest effort of delaying can absolutely personally annihilate them form the political spectrum.”

Artur Sakunts excludes the risks. He thinks the RP had some chances to at least formally prevent the processes by constitutional procedures worked out by themselves.

“Yerevan council of elders’ elections fretted the republicans and their supporters the reaction of which was the October 2 resolution of voting for NA Regulatory Law amendments. And opening the NA gates deprived the republicans of hiding behind them as that was their security space” Sakunts added.
For more please watch the video.



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