The Acting Parliament Does not Express Public Will
During the public discussion “Snap Parliamentary Election Mechanisms” held on October 5 at Gyumri’s Shirak State university the speakers dwelt upon the necessity of snap parliamentary elections and options of dissolving the acting parliament.

The most probable option of dissolving the parliament according to the speakers is those of all the deputies to put down their mandates

Another scenario is that of the prime minister's resignation. In this case there is no guarantee that the other forces will not nominate another candidate. 

“There are 4-5 scenarios. The most recent is that the National Assembly must consist of at least 101 deputies. If the deputies of Yelq alliance and the other on the list resign the number of deputies in the NA sharply descends from 101 and it becomes anti-constitutional. This is an intricate scenario”, noted Levon Barseghyan.

Artur Hambardzumyan, management expert noted that the acting parliament does not express public moods as it came into being via illegal means. The sooner the elections the better for the state.

“I think for a way out one of the necessary but not exhaustive conditions is dissolving the parliament. It is not that following snap elections the risks will be eradicated”, he added.  

The speakers are convinced that holding snap parliamentary elections in December is possible. This period is also enough for electoral code amendments. According to the speakers for snap parliamentary elections to be held in December at least there are no technical hindrances.

According to Seyran Martirosyan, expert, the parliamentary majority themselves should have voiced out the proposal of snap elections. The authority in the executive body has shifted and in the legislative body the same authority is minority. According to the speakers dual power has come into being in Armenia.

Artur Sakunts thinks dissolving the parliament is a political necessity and expression of public moods. With this in mind the acting parliament must be dissolved with the most effective mechanisms and a new National Assembly be formed.  

For more please watch the video.

Lilit Arakelyan, Media Center project editor/coordinator.


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