Yerevan’s architectural profile and construction problems: solutions offered by elders’ candidates
September 11, Media Center hosted a discussion on Yerevan Elders’ Elections: Yerevan’s architectural profile and construction problems: within the frames of the discussion the candidates presented their suggestions and solutions.

The speakers were

Arsen Karapetyan, My Step alliance

Ani Samsonyan, Luys alliance

Argishti Gevorgyan, ARF party

Armine Ghazaryan, Yerevan’s Society alliance

Ruben Jebeyan, Reformists party

Mariam Khachatryan, Yerkir Tsirani party

Hakob Simonyan, Hayq party.

Armine Ghazaryan while speaking about construction problems in the center of Yerevan, notes that they have two key approaches: to strictly prohibit construction in the center of Yerevan and not to provide construction license in the center of the city.  

Ruben Jebeyan says that they must produce joint projects with businessmen and construction must strictly follow the layout of Yerevan.

“We can’t totally stop construction, it is not realistic. We must focus on preservation of cultural objects. Yerevan layout itself is a rather outdated tool”, Arsen Karapetyan said.

Ani Samsonyan from Luys alliance thinks that the center of Yerevan needs to be discharged. Construction code must be in place that will enshrine the key principles and approaches.  

“Strict limitations regarding construction in the city center. The problem of car parking is an urgent one. It can be solved by building under and over ground multi storey car parks”, said Argishti Gevorgyan.

Hakob Simonyan says that everything is conditioned by philosophy and perception: “Our city distortion started probably when Robert Kocharyan told Albert Bazeyan “You are sitting on money and asking for money”.

“All Yerevan will be divided into zones according their functions. We recommend a law that will include norms about construction”, said Mariam Khachatryan.

For more please watch the video.


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