New Beginnings for March 1 Disclosure: The bare necessity of political and legal accountability
For 2008 March 1-2 events in Yerevan the head of the investigative group instigated criminal proceedings on July 3, 2018 according to RA criminal code article 300.1 paragraph 1 against RA executive officials – minister of defense and others for executing violence and thus demolishing the RA constitutional order from February to 23 March 2, 2008.

The speakers invited to July 5 Media Center discussion on New Beginnings for March 1 Disclosure: The bare necessity of political and legal accountability noted that a few months earlier no one would ever believe the possibility of punishing the accomplices of March 1 crime.

Aram Manukyan, deputy president of Armenian National Congress party noted that the developments taking place regarding March 1 are at a new level. According to him so far the interrogations were conducted regarding murders, destroying of property and causing damage to the state. A new level means that all that took place – forged elections, arrests, took place for usurping authority. Even the 10 murders were means to usurp authority, said Aram Manukyan and added that now there is hope for a full disclosure of March 1.   

The speaker also emphasized that March 1 disclosure is significant not only from legal point of view: “this is liberation of people. It will not be possible any more to torture people with one phone call”, Aram Manukyan noted.

Artur Sakunts, head of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor office noted that the Constitution day is two times more significant with the first step being made for recovering the constitutional order.

“This was a significant step on behalf of Special Investigative Service. It is weird to speak about disclosure as everything happened in front of us. What is going to be disclosed, Robert Kocharyan’s actions or all those people that were subjected to persecutions, illegal arrests and violence? I appeal to all those who were subjected to violence to not avoid telling their stories to SIS”, Sakunts stated.

Tigran Paskevichyam public speaker, author of movie called Armenia’s Lost Spring noted that the 10 murders that took place on those days were the final result of a big crime.

“All this should be viewed as crime not only against a state but against humanity.”

When we say that the case is disclosed I am not optimistic as long as Robert Kocharyan is in freedom, the latter being the central actor. In general they say the steps are cleaned from up not from down to up.

I hope that this will have the right ending otherwise I don’t care which general will be charged or not charged. If  everything is not going to be disclosed I can at a point even start defending those people considering them the victim of the same system.”

For more please watch the video.

Derenik Malkhasyan, Media Center project editor/coordinator.


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