“For Armenia State Front’ power shift resolution and upcoming steps”
On March 10, the ‘For Armenia State Front’ (‘Hanun Hayastan Petutyan Tchakat’) movement held its first rally in the Liberty Square, Yerevan.

The movement set up in November 2017 unites opposition parties and individuals and declares, among others, the aim of “setting up a sovereign, democratic, legal, social constitutional state based on national solidarity, conscious and free expression of will."

The movement representatives note that the movement strives to turn into a platform for any political force and individual willing to fight for power change. In the near future, the ‘For Armenia State Front’ plans to take steps to achieve its declared aims.

On March 16, the ‘For Armenia State Front’ held its regular rally on famous Bread-Bringer Artur Sargsyan's death anniversary.

At the discussion on “For Armenia State Front’ power shift resolution and upcoming steps” hosted on the same day by the Media Center, movement representative Karapet Rubinyan, former Deputy President of the RA NA, answered the question on the need for power shift that the socio-political demands and grounds of power shift had matured long before.

"If there were no such grounds, there would be no wide-spread discontent, and I would even say, hatred among the people towards the current authorities. There would be no Sasna Tsrer rebellion. And we can still feel such spirits now. Our task is to turn people's discontent into revolt. For many years, elections have not resulted in power shift in Armenia and therefore such power shift may occur through nation-wide revolt.”

According to the speaker, another reason for revolt is that “Serzh Sargsyan who has failed in all the aspects" still wants to retain the power:

"From the very start, he came to power at the cost of 10 innocent victims and did everything to stick to power. And now he decided to rule us for the 3rd term but he has no grounds for doing so. Our country has seen no positive developments."

Susanna Muradyan, a ‘For Armenia State Front’ Coordinating Board member, noted that their Front was for peaceful power change imposed by the people. According to the speaker, the authorities should leave as soon as possible as they failed in all the aspects.

"Many say that resignation of only Serzh Sargsyan cannot change anything. But if we look back, we can see that he truly came to power at the cost of 10 victims and at the same time set up a system around him to keep his power based on kith and kin relations… holding their threads in his hands. And that’s why, once he’s out of the system, it will collapse."

The speaker also mentions that no matter how colorful the authorities present the situation in the country, it will not change the real state of affairs and the situation in Armenia is now worse than ever.

Petros Makeyan, President of Democratic Homeland (‘Zhoghovrdavarakan Hayrenik’) party touched upon the anti-propaganda campaign against the “Front” after the March 10 rally and noted that active anti-propaganda came to prove that the authorities were concerned over their actions.

"They accuse us of calling for “dispossession of the rich (so-called ‘kulaks’)”. I used this term when after the 4-day April war in 2016 Serzh Sargsyan stated at the meeting with the Public Council members that "people demand that I initiate dispossession of the rich and I'm going to do so." The richest “kulak” are your family and people around you. So whom are you going to deprive of possessions? You should start from yourself,” Petros Makeyan says adding, "They must give back to the country everything they stole from its army and people."

The speaker also notes that within April 9-17, they can bring people out to the streets and change the power.

Derenik Malkhasyan, Media Center Project Editor/Coordinator

To contact the author, please email him: derenikmalkhasian@gmail.com

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