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All media are invited to the inauguration of the project, Pursuing positive change through empowering the civil society, on February 27, 2018 at 13:30 in Yerevan. The project is developed and implemented by the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Armenia together with the Institute of Public Policy NGO and the Union of Informed Citizens NGO. The majority of the project budget EUR 460,035 is financed by the European Union with a contribution of 400,000 EUR. The project was selected through a competitive Call for Proposal.

The project will involve youth activists and youth groups through various types of training, coaching and providing them opportunities for 'learning-by-doing' through competitive envelopes of small grants. The project has a strong focus on engaging youth and providing young reporters, activists, media organisations and youth organisations in evidence-based research and monitoring, record keeping and report on human rights issues of various nature, tolerance, access to quality education and healthcare services. 

The project will serve as a bridge between established human rights advocates in Armenia and younger generations of activists interested in gaining more expertise in defending rights of the Armenians. The project will also produce material to increase knowledge and awareness as well as engaging ordinary people in dialogue on human rights, criminal justice and social justice.

The project will work closely with other civil society organisations operating in the areas of human rights, criminal justice and social equity to help them bring consistency and cooperation in monitoring government reforms and policies and do this with commonly recognised tools and methods that allow for comparison and analysis in order to also provide data to underpin common civil society advocacy issues.

The project is aiming to reach out to youth across Armenia and invite youth activists to come forward with ideas and proposals in order to benefit from the monitoring and advocacy support awarded through this project. Journalists will receive training and tools to better cover the work of civil society organisations and share such activities, findings and recommendations with the wider public.

For more information, please contact:

Hayk Abrahamyan, project coordinator

Karine Ghazaryan, communication coordinator


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