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July 26, 19:00: The film screening of “Murat” documentary will be held at Media Center.

This film is a journey to the open and closed pages of Murat's identity, a young Armenian's search for identity in the corners of present-day Istanbul. How do the individual and society affect one another? Memory and the present? The national and the universal? As a cultural melting pot, the city constantly feeds Murat's life, and the people, as diverse as the city itself, add color to his routine.

Turkish coffee and tea, fish and rakı, the city's bustle and the peaceful movement of the steamships… For Murat, Istanbul is not just a residence, a shelter, or a home. It is a homeland. 

 “Murat” was presented to “Golden Apricot” Festival in “Armenian Panorama” national program this year.

After the screening, a discussion with Sona Kocharyan and Marine Kocharyan, authors of the film, will be held at Media Center. 

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