Opening of Swiss Artist Therese Weber’s Solo Exhibition in Yerevan
June 15, 13:00

Media Center held a press conference devoted to the opening of solo exhibition titled “Paper-Hand and Mind: Narrations in Art” by Swiss Artist Therese Weber at the National Gallery of Armenia on June 15.

Therese Weber, Swiss ArtistDoctor Christophe Baumer, Cultural Expert and Doctor of Philosophy, Sona Harutyunyan, FoundingPresident of “Cultures in Dialogue” FoundationMichael Vinand, Publisher, participated in the press conference.

Therese Weber is one of the prominent representatives of modern Swiss art and famous master of Paper Art. This comprehensive exhibition covering more than 50 works is the complex panorama of Therese Weber’s activity during the last 20 years, offering the viewers to get to know the various transformations of technical and artistic approaches of the artist.

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