“Effective Fight against Corruption or Not? Creation of Corruption Prevention Body”
The Media Center held a debate, entitled “Effective Fight against Corruption or Not? Creation of Corruption Prevention Body” in “A1+” TV Pavilion with online broadcasting on June 2.

The debate participants were Lena Nazaryan, MP of “Yelq” Faction, Heriknaz Tigranyan, Legal Adviser at Transparency International Anticorruption Center, Karen Zadoyan, President of Armenian Association of Lawyers and Suren Krmoyan, RA Deputy Minister of Justice.  

It is known that the Ministry of Justice recently presented an initiative on the creation of a new body to prevent corruption, the Government, which has led to many discussions.

It is known that the Ministry of Justice recently presented an initiative on the creation of a new body for preventing corruption which has led to many discussions.

Karen Zadoyan said that there are some systematic gaps in the proposed project. 

“First is the issue of selecting the model which should have been discussed with the society and then make a decision but it was not discussed. Secondly, while choosing a model we should take into account the anticorruption fight depends on three pillars: education, prevention and punishment inevitability. The issue of punishment inevitability is not solved in this project. The right model is not chosen for the management of the body, the international experience proves that the most efficient model is the sole management model,” Zadoyan said. 

Lena Nazaryan says that the Government has no will to fight against corruption.

“There are law enforcement agencies, including the SIS, which should identify the illegal enrichment and abuse of officials. These cases are not disclosed, and there are evidences revealed in “Hetq” when officials are at the center of the offshore scandals but then they end up in the National Assembly.  

He points out that at the same time the government can not be cut off from the world and there are European partners, international organizations, which obligate to fight against corruption and create mitigation tools, mechanisms that will be tools for the opposition and civil society to fight against corruption.

“I consider that law as a tool for the alarming system when people can anonymously acclaim on corruption and use this tool for fighting against it,” Nazaryan said.

Heriknaz Tigranyan says that the Transparency International Anticorruption Center submitted proposals for reforming the project.

“Our organization does not make hypothetical proposals but carried out a study on Law on Public Service and law enforcement practice research. A research was conducted on conflicts of interest among the public servants and summarized. The research showed that the public servants have very low perception of what conflicts of interest is. We mapped it all and we presented our solutions and now we see a lot of solutions invested,” Tigranyan said and assesses the project positively.

She adds that this project gives more comprehensive solutions and by this law the conflict of interests extends to a much wider range of subjects than was stipulated in the law on "Public Service".

Suren Krmoyan says that the requirement of having a new institutional body for the fight against corruption was raised by the society.   

“The civil society has raised the issue of having an independent body. The process was launches in September, 2015 when state-civil society platform was created. Two model proposals were drafted jointly. A special working group was formed to work on those models. How it happened that we did not discuss?” Krmoyan disagreed with the criticism.

He stressed that as a result of voting the preventive model was selected, rather than the universal model because it poses risks.

"The reforms are not completed by preventive model, we will continue with reforms ... We have criminalized illicit enrichment. We created a preventive body, we are providing tools and we will refer also to the law enforcement model gradually,” Krmoyan added.

To watch the video, follow the link.  

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